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  1. About 

    1. Introduction to the Model Hospital and Model Health System
    2. Who can access
    3. Terms of use and privacy policy
    4. How metrics are developed
    5. GIRFT - Getting It Right First Time
  2. Major updates 

    1. Latest data updates – Model Hospital and Model Health System (August 2020)
    2. Annual refresh: costings and opportunities data update with 2018/19 data
    3. Annual updates to WAU and other PLICS metrics
  3. Ambassador programme 

    1. Become a Model Ambassador
    2. Current Ambassador vacancies
  4. Case studies 

    1. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust case study
    2. Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust case study
    3. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust case study

    1. Bookmark or save metrics
  6. Data and calculations 

    1. Staff cost per WAU: trust level and individual clinical service lines
    2. Market Forces Factor (MFF)
    3. Sources of data
    4. Cost per WAU (weighted activity unit)
    5. Data suppressed or not available
  7. Download or export 

    1. Download or export data
  8. Estates and Facilities 

    1. Estates and Facilities benchmarks
    2. NHS Estates Team Collaboration Hub
  9. Future developments 

    1. Data update timelines
    2. Making new topics ("compartments") available
  10. Managing your account 

    1. Apply to access the Model Hospital and Model Health System
    2. Update my details including name, email and organisation
    3. Reset or change my password
  11. Mental Health & Community Health  

    1. Model Mental Health and Model Community Health: introduction
    2. Allocating activity to service lines (mental health)
    3. 'Data not available' for mental health and community health metrics
    4. Data updates for mental health and community health services
    5. Inpatient services metrics for mental health and community health
  12. Mergers and new organisations 

    1. Merged trusts
  13. Model Health System 

    1. Extending access to the Model Hospital to support systems working
  14. Navigating and interpreting 

    1. Switching between trusts or to the system view
    2. Variation chart colour coding
    3. Metric pages: user guide
    4. Notifications
    5. Single oversight framework (SOF) scores
  15. Opportunities 

    1. Opportunities
    2. Opportunities: equivalent units of clinical output or numbers of staff
  16. Opportunity scanner 

    1. Cost per WAU breakdown chart (Model Hospital opportunity scanner)
    2. Quality Efficiency Deficit (QED) chart (Model Hospital opportunity scanner)
    3. Monthly expenditure chart (opportunity scanner)
  17. Pathology 

    1. The Pathology peer group
    2. Details of pathology joint ventures
    3. Viewing pathology data as part of a joint venture or consortium
  18. Peer lists and choosing peers 

    1. Choosing appropriate peers
    2. Create a peer list
    3. Recommended peers
  19. Pharmacy and Medicines 

    1. The top 10 medicines: introduction
    2. Selection of medicines for the top 10 medicines list
    3. Sources of data for Pharmacy and Medicines
    4. Calculation of top 10 medicines benchmarks
    5. Additional savings targets for the top 10 medicines
  20. The WAU 

    1. The Weighted Activity Unit (WAU)
    2. Annual adjustments to the WAU
    3. Methodology for calculating cost per WAU
    4. About HES WAU (In-Year Cost Per WAU)
  21. All articles 

    1. Introduction to the Model Hospital and Model Health System
    2. Data update timelines
    3. Choosing appropriate peers
    4. The Weighted Activity Unit (WAU)
    5. Estates and Facilities benchmarks

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