Help using the Model Hospital

For help using the Model Hospital:

  • search our knowledge base at
  • read the topic-specific guidance within each section of the Model Hospital, under the 'help and support' heading
  • view the individual page for each metric - it explains how the metric is calculated, the data source and how to interpret the data
  • watch our short animated videos taking you through specific aspects of the tool

Or watch our introductory webinar - you'll need to register and it's about an hour long. It explains how to navigate through the Model Hospital and how to use it to identify potential areas for improvement. The webinar also includes an introduction to the WAU (weighted activity unit), which is used for many metrics. We run regular webinars and masterclasses and will alert you through our weekly emails to all registered users, or you can browse the recordings.

If we haven't answered your question, please contact us through or by emailing for further help.

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