When will data be updated?

The timeline for updating data for each metric depends on the source data we have used.

Many metrics on the Model Hospital are populated with nationally-available data. We will update these as soon as we can after the data is available. Our analytical team need to process the data first, so there's usually a short delay between data release and publication on the Model Hospital.

Find details of the source data for each metric, and the date we're planning to update it, by clicking on the 'i' icon next to each metric.

Cost per WAU metrics are updated annually, once PLICS (Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (replacement for Reference Costs)) and Trust annual accounts are published. This happens late in the year (around November). It is a significant update affecting a large number of metrics on the Model Hospital, but we aim to refresh them as quickly as possible, as soon as we have received, analysed and processed the data.

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