Use the Model Hospital?

The model hospital is intended to enable acute hospital trusts to see what good looks like in terms of productivity and efficiency across different parts of a hospital, alongside key quality indicators and standards. It will also allow acute hospital trusts to plot their own productivity performance by clinical specialty against these benchmarks and against peers or the whole acute sector.

The prototype portal is designed to allow Trusts to easily access their data compared to others and offer a test bed for the development of the Model Hospital. Trusts should investigate the detail behind why they may appear to be an outlier in any area, local factors may mean that what looks like unwarranted variation on the Model Hospital can be easily explained. The Model Hospital should be a tool to support pinpointing areas where there is unwarranted variation that cannot be explained within the Trust, to enable effective change of these areas. This assessment will vary between Trusts, compartments and in some cases by metric.

Best practice guides - or 'how to' guides - will be developed for each compartment to support Trusts identifying and transforming these areas.

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