Why is the workforce data limited to certain specialties?

We have applied a common mapping to both FTE and total staff costs grouped into 8 occupations: Medical & Dental, Professional Scientific & Technical, Nursing and Midwifery Registered, AHPs, Estates & Ancillary, Healthcare Scientists, Additional Clinical Services, and Administrative & Clerical. We have then related this information to the WAU at trust level, and in 9 of the largest clinical areas according to national reference cost data. We have used the same methodology as set out in the 'Adjusted Treatment Cost Methodology Paper', sent to you in November 2015 to map output to these specialties.

This gives us two slightly different views on productivity - one based on cost per WAU, and the other based on WAUs per FTE. Your trust has reviewed and revised, where necessary, the ESR data set in order to assign FTE staff numbers to specialty and staff groupings (to the extent this is possible). This data has been used to derive the average and benchmarks.

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