How has the Green and Red rating been calculated?

Trust actual performance outputs are colour coded for ease of interpretation.

A performance level below the level of the national median is coloured red. Performance equivalent to or above the national median is green.

The colour coding should not be treated as the only performance measure and should only be used as a guide.

Red does not necessarily indicate objectively poor performance nor green good performance – there will be a number of caveats to take into consideration such as the service size, location, level of specialisation, and the peer group selected.

Trusts should take the data as presented on the portal and seek to understand if the figure is warranted or unwarranted. For example, Trusts who undertake a particularly high volume of community work are likely to have higher Nursing staffing numbers, and therefore costs. The key is in establishing whether a particular Trust, with these caveats in mind, is underperforming.

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