How do I understand the charts?

The Trust’s own value is shaded according to where the Trust sits in the national distribution for that indicator. For this, trusts have been classified into one of four groups for each indicator:
  • Trusts between the minimum value and the lower quartile
  • Trusts between the lower quartile and the median
  • Trusts between the median and upper quartile
  • Trusts between the upper quartile and the maximum value
  • This classification is used for all indicators within the Portal and is also shown on each the chart.

Shades of blue have been used for those indicators where neither a high nor low value is indicative of good performance (e.g. Operating Expenditure) or where a judgement on the value may not appropriate.

For indicators that are indicative of Trust performance or productivity a red/green colour scheme has been deployed, with green indicating good performance and red indicating poor performance relative to the national distribution.

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