How to set and view peers for pathology

You will need to generate a bespoke peer list to compare against your peers for pathology.

Where trusts are part of a joint venture for pathology services they will not submit returns as individual trusts, but as a single consortium. The Model Hospital has therefore created a set of 'pseudo providers' for each of the consortia, to show combined results for all trusts involved in a consortium.

The pseudo providers don't officially exist as trusts, so they can't be compared with actual trusts using the existing global peer lists. This means you can't use the pre-defined Model Hospital peer lists for pathology peering, and we have deactivated them. To view peers for pathology, you will therefore need to generate a bespoke peer list.

To create your list of peers, select the ‘My Peers’ icon in the top right corner of the Model Hospital homepage

You will then see the peer selection screen. Use the radio buttons to select Define dashboard specific peer lists.  

Next, select Operational – Pathology from the drop-down list.  

You can now select which trusts and joint ventures you wish to peer your pathology performance against. If you want to peer against a trust that forms part of a joint venture you must select the name of the joint venture rather than the individual trust from the list. To add a peer, highlight the trust or joint venture in the Available providers list and select add. This will move the trust into the Selected peers column.

Once you have chosen all the trusts you wish to peer against, click the Save Peers button. You will then see a message confirming that these changes have been applied:

You will now be able to view your pathology performance with your peer values highlighted. To do this, access the Pathology compartment and use the Peers drop-down to select My Peers. Peer medians will now be populated and values will be highlighted on the variation charts. 

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