Annual update with 2018/19 data (including WAU metrics)

A significant proportion of Model Hospital metrics, including all WAU metrics, use the annual Patient Level Information and Costs (PLICS) data that are published by NHS England and Improvement annually. We released 2018/19 data on the Model Hospital on 6 February 2020. 

This article tells you which compartments have been updated with the 2018/19 PLICS data, and how trusts that have recently formed through mergers or acquisitions have been handled.

Compartments being updated with 2018/19 data

Compartments updated with 2018/19 data:
  • Operational Productivity
  • Opportunity Scanner
  • All Clinical Service Lines
  • Workforce compartments: Nursing & Midwifery, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals
  • Estates & Facilities
  • Finance & Use of Resources
As part of the 2018/19 PLICS data refresh, staff cost per WAUs are now calculated based on PLICS data rather than Annual Accounts & ESR-based estimates, please review the metadata for the revised methodology. 

Merged trusts

Following the refresh, five trusts that went through mergers or acquisitions during 2018/19 have become combined trusts within the Model Hospital because they submitted merged PLICS data for 2018/19:

  • Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust (R1E) is now part of RRE
  • Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust (RGQ) is now part of RDE
  • Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (RJF) is now part of RTG
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (RR1) is now part of RRK
  • Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (RY1) is now part of RW4
More about how newly-merged trusts are handled.  

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