Methodology for calculating cost per WAU

This article provides a technical explanation of how to calculate cost per WAU, including the exact value of the WAU constant for each year.


Divided by

  • WAUs: sum of the expected cost field in reference costs (MFF adjusted), divided by the WAU constant
Year WAU constant
2017/18 3516.01
2016/17 3514.55
2015/16 3512.58
2014/15 3517.45

Exclusions (in line with the process for calculating the Reference Cost Index)

Activity and expenditure is excluded if coded to:

  • Cystic Fibrosis (Department code = CF),
  • data that is invalid for grouping (HRG = UZ01Z),
  • contracted out services (supplier type = Out),
  • data on Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (service code IN (IAPTMHCC, IAPTMHCCIA))
  • data on secure services clusters (service code IN (LSMHCC, LSMHCCIA, MSMHCC, MSMHCCIA, HSMHCC, HSMHCCIA))

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