Apply to access the Model Hospital?

Access to the Model Hospital is freely available for anybody who is employed by an English NHS Trust or Foundation Trust as well as employees of five national bodies:

- NHS Improvement
- NHS England
- Care Quality Commission
- NHS Digital
- Department of Health and Social Care

Access to the Model Hospital can be requested in one of two ways:

Apply without an existing NHS Improvement account:

If you do not have an existing NHS Improvement account you can request access to the Model Hospital directly using our website From the title screen please select the "Register" button and complete your details.

You will see a check-box labelled "Access to additional products", if you wish to access the Model Hospital this box must be checked and your profession and seniority entered where prompted.

Once you have completed all fields please click the "Sign Up" button at the foot of the page.

If you encounter an error message saying "This e-mail address is already being used by another user" this is likely to mean that you have previously signed up for an NHS Improvement account. If you know your NHS Improvement log-in details please apply for access using the instructions below. If you have forgotten your NHS Improvement log-in details, or you do not believe that you have an NHS Improvement account please contact us via and we will be able to help you.

Apply using an existing NHS Improvement account:  

If you already have an NHS Improvement account you can apply directly for access to the Model Hospital app from your account page. To request the app please visit and click "My Account" in the top right hand corner.

Depending on your browser settings you may be asked to log-in the first time you select "My Account", if this happens please enter your details and once logged in click "My Account" again to bring up the drop-down menu.

From the menu please select "Your Apps" which will bring you to a screen listing applications that you currently have access to via your account. If you click the "Available" tab you will be able to request access to the Model Hospital.


Due to the sensitivity of the data that we hold all new Model Hospital users must have their application approved to ensure that the request is legitimate. This process normally takes less than 24 hours but can take up to three days. If you have not had confirmation that your request has been approved within three days, or if you require urgent access, please e-mail us via

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