How to use the new version and give feedback

You can see the new version by logging in to the Model Hospital as usual, at

We’d like you to:

1. Try using the new version of the Model Hospital to complete tasks as part of your work, instead of the old version

Apart from opportunities, which are exclusive to the new version, you’ll find the same data in both. We’d like to understand whether it’s easier or harder to use the new version, whether you’re more likely or less likely to use it and recommend it to colleagues, whether you trust and understand the data more or less, and any other comments.

The more you can use the new version instead of the old, the better. But you can still use the old one if you prefer – just let us know why.

2. Proactively explore the new features and designs

These include:
  • bespoke opportunities for your trust, showcasing some of your biggest potential productivity gains
  • metric search facility
  • metric bookmarking
  • metric pages (accessible via search, bookmarks and opportunities)
  • a notifications page, bringing together alerts from each topic
  • new visual style, including new icons 
  • new homepage and new way to browse through topics
  • updated header and personal account menu 
  • responsive design (so that it works on all devices, including mobiles)
  • additional help and support including a series of animated videos and some pop-up tips to help first-time users
  • extra information about the composition of each peer list
  • a new version of the peer list builder, to help you create and manage your own peer lists
We've now re-developed almost all the features of the original site, but we'll continue to make incremental additions and changes.

3. Give us feedback

You can complete the survey as many times as you like, whenever you think of something new to tell us.

We’ll be looking for patterns in feedback and how the new version works, so we may contact you to ask if you’re happy for us to discuss your feedback either one-to-one or as part of a small focus group.

If you’ve got any comments or queries that don’t fit the survey, or any problems completing the survey, contact us at

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