The top 10 medicines: introduction

The top 10 medicines present trusts with monthly opportunities to make cost savings and optimise their use of medicines. The data has demonstrated that switching to lower cost equivalent medicines has not only saved money but benefited patients.

Lord Carter's 2016 report into unwarranted variation in the NHS recommended that NHS Improvement should develop a list of the top 10 medicines with monthly savings opportunities for trusts to pursue, for example by purchasing cheaper 'biosimilar' versions or generic rather than branded products.

Cost and usage data for the top 10 medicines comes from the Define system by Rx-Info, which is used by around 90% of acute trusts.

The first version of the top 10 medicines list including uptake levels and savings delivery targets was published in 2017/18. It has now been updated for 2018/19.

Current top ten medicines list:

Medicine Classification
Infliximab Biosimilar
Etanercept Biosimilar
Imatinib Generic
Rituximab Biosimilar
Valganciclovir Generic
Caspofungin Generic
Linezolid Generic
Adalimumab Originator price drop
Voriconazole Generic
Trastuzumab Biosimilar
Over time the top ten medicines list will change with some medicines being retired from the list and others being introduced to replace them. The following changes have been made or are planned:

Historic top ten medicines list:
Medicine Retired from
Cyclizine 2018/19
Prednisolone 2018/19

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