Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

In this short video case study, Professor Mike Reed, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Clinical Director and Model Hospital Trust Ambassador from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, discusses why he thinks the Model Hospital is a good quality improvement and benchmarking tool.  

Professor Reed outlines how to use the tool to compare your trust’s data with other peer trusts, using both the default peer groups, or self-selected trusts. Throughout the video, Professor Reed emphasises the importance of why the clinical community should be using the Model Hospital.   

He goes on to explain how and why he has found the GIRFT metrics particularly useful in helping him to better understand how his services are performing and where any improvements could be made. As a result, he will be taking a number of steps, these include:

1.      Replicating the methodology on the Model Hospital and digging deeper to find out if the data is related to particular patients.

2.      Identifying which patients the data could be related to and taking steps to determine how the trust can improve that pathway. 

3.      Putting in place the necessary actions and then monitoring the impact

Professor Reed concludes by reinforcing the idea that ‘behind each of the clinical metrics is a large number of patients' and therefore clinicians should engage with the Model Hospital to see how they can improve things for their patient cohort.

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