Updates in July 2020 - following initial Covid-19 response

Over the past few months some routine data updates and collections were paused and some data sources were not collected as we all focused efforts directly on the response to Covid-19. As we begin to return to business as usual, we have been busy refreshing the available information. We are keen to work with you and your systems to understand what is most required to support recovery/response and if there are key priorities for your trust and system, please let us know.

We have outlined the latest data updates below including the new aggregated ‘system-level’ content available.

Content recently updated at trust level

  • All Clinical Service Line compartments have had their clinical Inpatients data updated to February 2020.
  • An overview of this data can also be found in the Inpatients compartments under the Care Settings lens.
  • The Day Cases compartment has been updated to Q4 2019/20.
  • The ten Clinical Service Lines that have additional clinical metrics that support the GIRFT programme have also been updated to include data to Q4 2019/20.
  • A new Referral to Treatment compartment has been added which includes 12 metrics allowing trusts to compare their waiting times for patients awaiting treatment start. This is available at trust and specialty level and contains data up to May 2020.
  • Temporary Staffing data has been updated to include March 2020.

 Content now available in the Model Health System view

  • The Model Health System provides users with the data that has previously only been available at trust level aggregated to STP level.
  • Users can benchmark their STP against all other STP’s in the country, but, also have the ability to see the variation within their STP by being able to see the data for each constituent trust within the STP.
  • Data on day cases, inpatients, referral to treatment, and, GIRFT clinical metrics have now been made available in the Model Health System view for the following ten Clinical Service Lines:

    1. Cardiothoratic Surgery
    2. Ear, Nose & Throat
    3. General Surgery
    4. Neurosurgery
    5. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    6. Ophthalmology
    7. Oral & Maxillofacial
    8. Orthopaedic Surgery
    9. Urology
    10. Vascular

  • For Day Cases, Inpatients and Referral to Treatment a Organisational overview can also be found in the compartments of the same name under the Care Settings lens
  • This data currently runs up to the end of March 2020, and will be kept updated on a monthly basis.

Content in alpha testing

  • A new Outpatients compartment using data from the weekly activity return has been released for Alpha testing. This includes 21 new metrics detailing all outpatient appointments that have been conducted, those done face to face and those done virtually. Data is available at Trust and System level.
  • A new Urgent & Emergency Care compartment using data from the daily UEC activity return has been released for Alpha testing. This includes 17 new metrics detailing the pattern of activity being seen in A&E departments, the number of beds occupied, and, the number of long-stay patients within an organisation. All of these metrics can be compared to a pre-Covid-19 baseline.




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