Introduction to the Model Health System

The Model Health System is a digital tool provided by NHS England. It is designed to support the NHS, improve productivity, quality and efficiency.

The Model Health System includes a suite of tools developed to support NHS providers, including the Model Hospital, Model Ambulance, Model Mental Health Trust and Model Community Trust. 

How it works can be used by anyone in the NHS from board to ward. You can explore and compare productivity, quality and responsiveness, to easily identify opportunities to improve. 

You'll benefit from 
  • understanding how you are performing in comparison to your peers
  • relevant information at board, specialty, functional and workforce levels
  • themed compartments, presenting key performance metrics within these specialties of areas
  • user-selectable peer groups alongside pre-defined recommended peers


The Model Health System was originally just the Model Hospital which was initially developed to meet recommendations set out in Lord Carter’s February 2016 review of operational productivity and performance in English acute hospitals, and has continued to grow and evolve. For example, new data specially for ambulance trusts was added to a Model Ambulance view of the tool, following  Lord Carter’s review into unwarranted variation in NHS ambulance trusts, and the Model Mental Health Trust and Model Community Health Trust soon followed. Subsequent recommendations in the Long Term Plan led to the development of the Model Health System, which brings together the data at STP and ICB level and gives access to the wider NHS, not just providers.

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