Choosing appropriate peers

You can select different peer groups so that you can compare your productivity and performance and benchmark against other similar trusts. Choosing peers with a similar size, case mix and other characteristics will help you identify warranted and unwarranted variation.

You might need to use different peer lists for different topic areas - for example, for the different clinical service lines or operational areas. 

When you have selected a peer group, the bars for your peers will be shown in grey on the national distribution charts for each metric. The bar for your trust is shown in black.

To help you choose from the pre-defined peer lists, there are short descriptions of each list and you can also see which trusts are in that list. Access this by clicking the 'i' icon when you change peer group, or through the Manage my peers page.

Our recommended peers list is based on the trusts most similar to yours, in terms of factors that determine your productivity (cost per WAU).

You have a free choice of peer lists on most pages. The main exceptions are Opportunities and Pathology.

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