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Variation chart colour coding

In the variation charts, your trust or system's value is coloured according to where it sits in the national distribution for that indicator. 

In most cases, values are put into four groups:
  • Between the minimum value and the lower quartile
  • Between the lower quartile and the median
  • Between the median and upper quartile
  • Between the upper quartile and the maximum value
Most variation charts use a red and green colour scheme, with green indicating good performance and red indicating poor performance relative to the national distribution. Depending on the metric, the lower quartile may be the higher or lower performing. The colour shading and metadata will help you understand and interpret this. 

Sometimes we have used shades of blue instead. These mean that we are not making a value judgement about whether a high or low value indicates good performance. For example, Operating Expenditure or staff numbers. 

You will see a red, amber and green colour scheme for some metrics such as Top 10 Medicines, which have a benchmark or target. 

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