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Who can access the Model Health System?

The tools of the Model Health System, (including ICB System views, Model Hospital and more) are available to staff working for an organisation which has a core purpose of supporting improvements within the NHS.
Use of information on the portal is designed for health and care professionals to support their work in enhancing NHS operational and system-level improvements in quality, efficiency, productivity and safety of patients' care. This supports the core purpose of an ICS to: enable improve outcomes in population health and healthcare; tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access; enhance productivity and value for money; and support broader social and economic development within systems

Register with your work (NHS, CQC or email address to obtain access, if you work for:
  • NHS provider trust
  • NHS Integrated Care Boards*
  • NHS Commissioning Support Units
  • NHS England
  • the Department of Health and Social Care and it’s arm’s length bodies (ALBs)

* Individuals who are formal board members of an Integrated Care Boards who are from non-NHS organisations can also register for access by sending a request to

The table at the end of this article shows what information you will be able to access, depending on your organisation type.

Each login must be assigned to an individual and not shared. We do not issue organisation-wide generic logins.

Exceptions to the access policy

By exception, you can also apply for access if you work for an organisation that provides and supports improvements to quality, efficiency and productivity of patient care in the NHS. For example, you may be contracted by an NHS provider or working with an ICB on a project to support such improvements. This exception basis access requires written permission from senior staff for the NHS organisation(s) whose data you will be accessing (in the case of ICBs – a formal board member) and may be time limited. Your host organisation is responsible for revoking your access once the relevant work is completed. 

To apply for access by exception, the NHS organisation should email details of the person and the purpose of their access to and we will guide you through the process.

Access by organisation type

Organisation View
NHS provider trust (acute, specialist acute, community, mental health, and ambulance) All provider trust metrics within their ICS system footprint.
System-level view of their ICS.
Benchmark how these providers and the system compare nationally.
NHS Integrated Care Board  All provider trust metrics within their ICS system footprint.
System-level view of their ICS.
Benchmark how these providers and the system compare nationally.  
Commissioning Support Units All metrics for all trusts nationally and national variation benchmarks.
Department for Health and Social Care and its ALBs including: NHS England, Health Education England, NHS Digital, NHS Resolution, NICE, UKHSA, NHS Blood and Transplant, NHS Counter Fraud Agency  All metrics for all trusts and systems nationally, and national variation benchmarks.
If you do not have an account, register at  

If you have any questions, email

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