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Merged trusts

Sometimes trusts merge or are acquired by other trusts. Even though they no longer exist after a certain date, sometimes the old trusts continue to submit data separately for a short period.

Merged and acquired trusts will continue to be displayed as separate individual trusts in the Model Health System (MHS) until they submit:

§  combined NHS PLICs and

§  combined annual financial returns or

§  combined Hospital Episode Statistics

We will then create a new organisation for the combined trust. We will continue to hold older data against the name of the previous trust, so you can still access it. Once the new organisation has been created on the MHS, users should automatically be given access to the new trust and all the previous trusts that formed it.


If the new trust has not yet been created on the MHS, and you have a role in the new organisation that means you need access to more than one trust’s data, please email

The MHS uses many different sources of data, so we cannot immediately combine data for the previous individual trusts, either for the current year or past years.

Where more recent data are available for these trusts, for example length of stay data based on Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), the same data will appear for both predecessor trusts, representing data at the new combined provider. This is to avoid too much switching between different providers in order to get a complete picture of the available data.

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