Opportunities are intended to show some of your trust’s biggest potential productivity gains. They are found at https://model.nhs.uk/opportunities

Explaining opportunities

  • Depending on the category, the opportunities are calculated based on comparison with a group of your peers, all provider trusts nationally, or a specific target for your trust.
  • You should not add opportunities together because some categories overlap and this may result in double-counting.
  • Each trust's opportunities are unique and you will see a different sub-set of opportunities depending on your data and how you compare.
  • Each opportunity page explains how it has been calculated. We have used different approaches in order to give you the most appropriate and useful figures for each category. For example, for Estates opportunities we have used a peer group based on trusts that have the same type of estate according to the ERIC data collection. 
  • For some opportunities we are using a new peer list, Recommended peers, made up of 10 trusts similar to yours according to a number of variables. It is a refinement of the peer selector tool that we have been developing with NHS Digital.
  • Some opportunities have a single value, and some have an upper and lower value. Where there’s an upper and lower value, it shows how you might be able to improve if you compare yourself with other trusts in different ways (for example, comparing with the median of your peers or comparing with the top-performing peers). The values are explained for each type of opportunity.
  • For each opportunity we have expressed the estimated productivity gains in terms of units of clinical activity or numbers of additional staff, as well as cash amounts. These examples are just a different way to illustrate the potential difference in productivity and it is up to trusts to uncover the reasons for variations, work out whether they are warranted or not, and realise any benefits in the way that provides the best outcomes for patients.
  • Some trusts may have been shown an early preview of opportunities but the figures you’ll see will be different, because we’ve updated our methodology including the Recommended peers list.
  • Opportunities indicate a potential productivity gain, and we recommend validating the figures with your local data.

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