Pharmacy and Medicines benchmark values

Some Pharmacy and Medicine metrics have benchmark values rather than using the national median for comparison.

See the separate article on top 10 medicines additional savings targets.

Top 10 Medicines – Additional Savings Delivered to Current Month

This metric, which totals up the additional savings delivered for all top 10 medicines, has a trust-specific target based on each trust’s spending and prescribing activity last year.

This metric displays a red-amber-green (RAG) rating rather than dividing into quartiles, because there are specific range targets.

Range of values Red-amber-green (RAG) rating
Less than 80% Red
80 to 100% Amber
Greater than 100% Green

Biosimilar Medicine Uptake (Monthly)

These top 10 medicines metrics measure how much the trust is using a biosimilar version of a medicine rather than the costlier originator version. They are red-green rated depending on whether the trust has met the uptake target. Each of the biosimilar medicines has 80% uptake target and non-biosimilar medicines have different targets.

For example, for Infliximab:

Range of values Red-green rating
Less than 90% Red
Greater than 90% Green

ePrescribing benchmarks

These metrics are linked to the NHS Digital maturity roadmap assessment and represent the  percentage of total prescribing delivered through an electronic prescribing system, across 4 areas. This metric is also red-amber-green rated.

The upper benchmark is 75% and lower benchmark is 25%.

Range of values Red-amber-green (RAG) rating
Less than 25% Red
25 to 75% Amber
Greater than 75% Green

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