Model Mental Health and Model Community Health: introduction

The Model Mental Health and Model Community Health Services are online tools provided by NHS England to help trusts identify productivity opportunities. They display key performance and productivity indicators across various areas of trust activity.

Watch our webinar for an introduction to using the tools, the metrics provided, future developments and how to get further help and support.

How trusts can use these tools

Some examples of the key questions that the tool can help to answer could be:

  • Which services around the country am I like in terms of caseload size and demographics?
  • What is the national average time between referrals and the first care contact, and how do I compare?
  • How often do I see the patients on my caseload, compared to other providers?

You can benchmark information against the whole country or a specific selected peer group. By understanding your trust’s activity in more detail you may be able to identify opportunities to improve.

Background and development

These tools were developed through engagement and testing with mental health, community, and acute providers. We discussed what would be useful and meaningful to benchmark across providers, and what might be useful to check data quality.

Engagement included the cohort of 23 trusts that contributed to Lord Carter's review into unwarranted variations in mental health and community health services, a User Reference Group representing 9 trusts, and validation by a group of testers from 12 trusts.

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