Trust displaying as an outlier (mental health and community health)

If your trust is displaying as an outlier, you should take the following steps:
  1. Check your submission to the relevant dataset(s) for that indicator, to confirm that this accurately represents performance. We would recommend that you compare this to reporting that you carry out internally. If you think there is an issue with the data quality, then we recommend that you develop a programme of work to address this.
  2. If you are confident of the data quality, we would suggest using more detailed internal collections to understand why your trust might be performing differently to national benchmarks. It might also be useful to contact some other trusts or services to understand if there are any reasons for differing performance in this area .
  3. Your peer trusts are selected based on the size and function of your trust. For example, a similar sized trust that is also a Mental Health trust, providing similar services to your own, is likely to be one of your peer trusts. However, you can also self-select trusts that you have a particular interest in comparing your trust to. Find out more about how to create a peer list.

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