Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust case study

In this video case study, Duane McLean, Chief Pharmacist, Chief of the Family Health Division, and Model Hospital Trust Ambassador from Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust talks about how he used the Model Hospital to identify three areas of improvement within his trust:

  1. Stock Holding: Duane talks through the fact that he previously thought his stock holding processes were very good, until he reviewed the data on the Model Hospital, which showed that his trust was an outlier in this area. His trust held around 32 days’ worth of stock, however his peer trusts held around 20-21 days of stock. 

    As a result, Duane put in place simple processes to reduce the number of stock the trust held, and consequently he was able to release £400,000 back into the trust, to be used more effectively elsewhere.

  2. IV Paracetamol: Duane explained that the Model Hospital also showed that his trust was an outlier in relation to spend on IV paracetamol. Therefore, he subsequently scrutinised the data and sought assurance that the drug was being used in a clinically and therapeutically appropriate way, to reduce harm to patients by minimising the exposure to more toxic agents.

  3. Biosimilars: Duane talks about his trust’s use of biosimilars, and how he used the data on the Model Hospital to engage with clinicians, including consultants and nursing specialists. The Model Hospital helped them to visualise the impact of a very complex change that they had undertaken in relation to biosimilars, regarding anti-TNFs. 

    The data illustrated that as a result of this change the trust was treating more patients more effectively in a more affordable way.

Duane concludes by encouraging other pharmacy colleagues to sign up and use the Model Hospital to help:

  • Benchmark your performance against other trusts
  • Ask questions about your service, and use those questions to highlight opportunities to make changes
  • Celebrate your successes and help others learn from what you have done

Next steps

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