University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust case study

In this video case study, Ben Shaw, Director of Productivity and Model Hospital Trust Ambassador for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust talks about the Model Hospital, and it’s useful features. These include the ‘Notifications’ page, which helps trusts to quickly identify the headline metrics where they are an outlier, so that they can put in place actions to improve their performance.

Ben regularly uses the Model Hospital to compare his trust’s productivity, financial performance and CQC rating with other trusts. The recent addition of the ‘In Year Productivity’ metrics means that he can now compare his trust's productivity both on a yearly and monthly basis. 

He also explains that his trust uses the Model Hospital to set their variable cost improvement targets, which are based on the relative productivity of each of the trust’s departments alongside other known areas of improvements.

An example of this work is when the trust identified that it was an outlier in top 10 medicines. As a result, Ben spoke to the Chief Pharmacist at the trust, who talked him through the improvements the team were putting in place to address their performance. Subsequently the trust’s performance in top 10 medicines improved significantly, and the trust is now one of the highest users of top 10 medicines in the country. The benefit of this has been seen across the whole of their local health economy.

Ben highlights that the Model Hospital is developing all the time, with new data, metrics and features being added or updated on a regular basis. Therefore, he encourages his colleagues across the trust to regularly use the Model Hospital, as it can:

  • Show how the trust’s latest data compares to their peers 
  • Help identify potential opportunities for further exploration 
  • Help celebrate success as the trust improves

Ben concludes that the Model Hospital can really help you improve your trust’s performance and can help bring genuine system-wide benefits. 

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