Latest data updates – Model Hospital and Model Health System (August 2020)

We have added and refreshed metrics across a range of areas at both provider trust level and within the new Model Health System view. Please find below the full list of updates and announcements. Do keep sending your feedback on the updates; we are keen to learn more about your systems in order to better understand what is most required to support recovery/response and improvement of patient care.

Content recently updated at provider trust level

  • Top Ten Medicines data has been updated to include July 2020 data, within the Pharmacy and Medicines compartment.
  • The Pharmacy & Medicines compartment also now includes a new temporary metric for the National Patient Safety Alert (issued Aug 2020); ‘Risk of death from unintended administration of sodium nitrite’ (Organisation Level -> Safe).
  • Metrics in the Board-Level Oversight area relating to Use of Resources, the System and Oversight Framework (SOF) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have been updated.
  • Referral to Treatment data has been updated to include June 2020 data.
  • Care Hours per Patient Day (CHPPD) metrics have been updated to cover the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Theaters data has been updated with the latest information we have received; work is ongoing to bring this further up to date.
  • The Urgent & Emergency Care compartment continues to be updated on a daily basis.
  • The Inpatients compartment has been updated (from Hospital Episode Statistics) to include May 2020 data.
  • New metrics are available under Ophthalmology -> GIRFT (Getting it Right First Time) Questionnaire. Please note the survey was collected by GIRFT from providers in London only.

Content now available in the Model Health System view

The first iteration of the Model Health System was released in July 2020, and it provided users with data aggregated to Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) level. Users can now benchmark their STP against all others in the country, as well as seeing the variation within their STP by being able to view the data for each constituent trust within their STP.
  • A new Outpatients compartment using data from the weekly activity return has been released. This includes 21 new metrics detailing all outpatient appointments which have been conducted, those done face to face and those done virtually. Data is available at trust and System level. Further releases will break this data down by specialty.
  • A new Urgent & Emergency Care (UEC) compartment using data from the daily UEC activity return has been released to those users who have access to the UEC SitRep dashboard. This includes 17 new metrics detailing the pattern of activity being seen in A&E departments, the number of beds occupied, and, the number of long-stay patients within an organisation. All these metrics can be compared to a pre-Covid-19 baseline.
  •  Pharmacy & Medicines Top 10 Medicines and Daily Average Stockholding is now available to system users.

Content in Alpha testing

  • A new Endoscopy compartment providing population and provider-based measures at procedure level has been released for Alpha testing.

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