Costing and opportunities data  annual update 2019/2020

We are pleased to announce that we have now released the 2019/20 costing and opportunities data annual update on the Model Health System.  This major data update uses National Cost Collection [Patient Level Costing, PLICS] data.

Associated summary of the costing data by NHS Digital [Acute Patient Level Activity and Costing - NHS Digital]

Key components of the data update include:

  • All productivity metrics [e.g. cost per weighted activity unit] have been updated as well as other key metrics in Operational Productivity, Clinical Service Lines, and Workforce compartments
  • A new set of opportunities for 2019/20 spanning areas including Clinical Service Lines and workforce. Examples of these new opportunities include re-admissions, length of stay and non-elective bed days
  • Recently merged trusts [prior to the PLICS data collection submission] have now been created and this new data incorporated
  • The addition of system pathway opportunities

How to use and interpret the data

To support your ongoing local operational planning, take the time to review and analyse your newly updated opportunities on the Model Health System. Our regional teams are on hand to provide local support to help you identify where and how you can use these opportunities to deliver any potential productivity gains across your trust. In addition, when analysing the metrics and opportunities in the Model Health System, remember to review these in line with your local data to better understand areas to improve across your trust.

The data refresh for this set of metrics only happens once a year – however, other metrics are updated on a more frequent basis, for example, the Top 10 Medicines and key Nursing & Midwifery indicators. It’s worth checking in regularly to understand progress and see what is changed.

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