Navigating and understanding Cancer data on the Model Health System

NHS England and RightCare have been working hard behind the scenes to make meaningful Cancer data available on the Model Health System.

The Model Health System is a free, data driven improvement tool available to all NHS providers and commissioners. It supports health and care systems to improve patient outcomes and population health and reduce unwarranted variations.

The Cancer compartment is in the Policy Priorities section and here you can track the pathways of your cancer patients.

Is your ICB in a deprived area? Are there a higher number of people who smoke? How many cancers were detected at an early stage, and maybe equally importantly, how do these figures compare with other systems, both in your geographical area or nationally?

The cancer waiting times data are also available, both for ‘All Cancers’ or by specific cancers. How did your ICB compare to the national cancer waiting times targets?

The results of the cancer survey are also available. What percentage of your cancer patients received a care plan, or knew what they should or shouldn’t do upon returning home? Are there opportunities for improvement in your ICB?

Watch this short Spotlight film to find out more about the information in the Cancer compartment and how to navigate and understand this. (You'll need to be logged on to the Model Health System to view).

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