Navigating and understanding the Inpatients data on the Model Health System

he Model Health System is a free, data driven improvement tool available to all NHS providers and commissioners. It supports health and care systems to improve patient outcomes and population health. NHS organisations can benchmark themselves with their peers and quickly identify potential areas for savings and improvements.

The Inpatients compartment can be found within the Care Setting section.

In this compartment, you can see data for three main sections:

Delayed transfers of care – how many adult patients do you have who are ready to go home, but haven’t yet been discharged?

Average length of stay – could you get people home more quickly?

General inpatients metrics – these are monthly and you can compare short and long stay admissions, length of stay and daily discharge ratios, and the number of patients who have surgery on the day of their admission.

Maybe one of your peer organisations has shorter length of stays than yours. How are they achieving this? Could you remove any bottlenecks, and make your pathways through the system more patient-oriented rather than organisation or service-centred?

You can explore further into each metric, seeing your organisation’s value, your peers’ value and the national value, helping you to really understand the picture your data is presenting. This can be downloaded into an Excel worksheet, so you have all your information all in one place.

The Model Health System team have created a short Spotlight film . about the data in the Inpatients compartment.

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