Highlighted Metrics

Highlighted metrics are key metrics where your organisation may have an opportunity to improve.

Metrics may be highlighted when:

  • your organisation’s performance has triggered one or more of the four Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis conditions applied in MHS. See Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts; or
  • funnel plot analysis shows your organisation’s performance is an outlier when compared with other organisations. See Funnel Plots.

Or, for the small set of metrics that appear in tiles on each topic homepage, when:

  • your organisation is in the least desirable quartile or is not meeting a benchmark or standard.

Highlighted metrics relate to the most recent data available for that metric.

Where to find Highlighted metrics

The Highlighted metrics page is at https://model.nhs.uk/highlightedmetrics. You can get to this page from the Browse menu (main toolbar). Click the Browse button and choose Highlighted metrics.

You can also reach the page from the System homepage (the purple homepage) by clicking the ‘View all highlighted metrics’ button.

You can also see how many Highlighted metrics you have for each topic area by viewing the Browse menu, and looking for red triangles containing a number:

The Highlighted metrics page lets you browse all metrics that have been highlighted or narrow them down by topic using the topic menu. The number in brackets indicates how many key metrics are triggering a notification.  

Metrics that have been highlighted because of SPC or funnel plot analysis display this symbol: 

When a metric has been highlighted, the metric page will display a panel briefly explaining which condition has caused the metric to be highlighted, for example:

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