Funnel Plots

Funnel plots are now available for selected metrics on the Model Health System. Just go to the top right of an interactive chart and select ‘Funnel Plot’ from the drop down menu.

A funnel plot is a scatter plot that maps performance against a metric with the volume of activity of a particular organisation.

It helps people understand variation and outlier performance, relative to volume of activity, and can guide them to take the most appropriate action.

A funnel plot has four reference lines that help you understand variation in the data. In the Model Health System, the reference lines are: 

·        Outer control limit (positive variation) – red

·        Inner control limit (positive variation) – orange

·        Inner control limit (negative variation) – pale green

·        Outer control limit (negative variation) – dark green

The limits are defined by the variance in performance of the organisations plotted on the chart.

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