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Webinar Q&A 30 September 2021

Who can have access to the Model Health System (MHS)? 

Access to the MHS is currently available for all NHS commissioners and providers in England in addition to the Department of Health and Social Care and its arm’s length bodies. 

Are there any plans to make it more widely accessible? 

We’ve started to publish some of the metrics on the NHS Data Catalogue which is available to the public. We continually review access permissions.  

Is the MHS relevant to Primary Care Networks (PCNs?) 

We have recently adapted the MHS to include PCN data. This will be in the population health compartment. 

Are you going to include LGBTQ data in the Equality and Diversity area?

We would like to, but we rely on self reported data from the Electronic Staff Register, which has low responses. There also isn't a specific team who are charged with developing the metrics and data quality.

We are doing a piece of work on defining system priorities - how would you advise using the MHS to help with this process? 

In order to define system priorities, we recommend that you go to the Opportunities and Highlighted metrics area of the MHS. These will give you areas where you are an outlier and show you potential opportunity gains. 

If you change your peer group to trust size would that look at trusts within that region or nationally? 

Either.  Once the trust size peer group has been selected, and a metric is chosen you can toggle between regional and national view at the top of the interactive chart. You can also select your own peers. 

Can you explain the concept of the Weighted Activity Unit (WAU)?  

This short video explains the WAU. 

Does the data link to information detailing pathways / case studies of the better performing trusts? 

No, but you could ask your Model Ambassador to contact the Model Ambassador at another trust to start a conversation. If you have any case studies you would like to share with us, please do get in touch, as we’d be happy to link to them from the MHS. email  

How is this different to what RightCare were already setting out in terms of using data to show opportunities for improvement? 

Rightcare are now part of the MHS team. The data from the packs is now incorporated in the MHS. 

Where does the data come from? 

The data comes from several sources, including national data collections, submitted by providers, eg Secondary User Service (SUS), Electronic Staff Register (ESR), Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES), Patient Level Information Costing System (PLICS) and Estates Returns Information Collection (ERIC). We extract the data, create the metrics and publish them on the MHS. At the bottom of each metric page there will be a box telling you where the data was from and when the next refresh is due. 

The data in the community section is taken from the Community Services Data Set

Can you drill down to patient level within metrics?  

Not at present due to Information Governance (IG) rules. However, we can help you audit any data anomalies – email   

Do you use health and non-health data to see population health? 

The population health metrics are age and sex standardised using the Office of National Statistics data. 

Are there metrics relating to sustainability? Or anything linking to Greener NHS? 

Greener NHS metrics are in the Estates and Facilities area. 

Does the MHS contain specialised activity? 

This is coming soon. We have the Quality Surveillance Information System (QSIS) data in preview and will publish once tested. 

What resources to do you suggest if you want to improve your metrics in line with national median? 

There are lots of resources and free courses to start your improvement journey here:  

How would I find out the detail behind a metric that does not have the detail in the Model Health System? For example, with Pharmacy and the drugs in secondary care I can only see down to BNF chapter but would help to be able to see which drugs within that. Where would I go to find out this detail?   

Due to Information Governance requirements, we can only drill down so far in the detail, to ensure the patient data is always anonymous. 

Is it possible to edit the downloadable reports? So they aren't as long and more in key areas? 

Not at the moment, but this might be something we look at for a future enhancement. 

How does community data compare to 'NHS benchmarking network' data ?  

Our data relies on national collections. NHS benchmarking network data relies on subscriptions, so wouldn’t be as complete. 

Are there plans to update mortality tracking from the Standardised Hospital Mortality Index monthly rather than quarterly?  

This data is only available quarterly, so we can only update quarterly.  

How can I access future workshops? 

We send out regular emails which include information about future workshops and webinars. If you want to be added to our mailing list just email  

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