Spotlight on Theatres

The Model Health System is a data-driven improvement tool that supports health and care systems to improve patient outcomes and population health. It provides benchmarked insights across the quality of care, productivity and organisational culture to identify opportunities for improvement.

We have been working closely with the Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) team to improve the intelligence available in the Theatre area of the Model Health System. This data is now updated fortnightly and supports elective recovery plans, in line with the Pathway Improvement Programme (PIP) and the High-Volume Low Capacity (HVLC) programme.

The improved dashboard shows your organisation’s ‘touchtime’ utilisation. This is the amount of time spent operating on a patient, compared to the planned time for a particular theatre session. You can also see how much ‘downtime’ you have, which is the amount of time not spent operating on patients. Some downtime is essential to allow for preparing for the next patient, but with careful planning and understanding of your local data, is there an opportunity to make your non-essential downtime more efficient?

The Model Health System doesn’t tell you if performance is good or bad, it’s more about helping you to understand if you are different to others, and possible reasons for this – which may lead you to spot opportunities where you may be able to improve. You can also drill down into your data to see the bigger picture; how have your services been changing over time? How does this compare to your peer group and nationally?

We have developed a new dashboard, which is accessed from within the theatres compartment in Model Health System and allows you to ‘drill-down’ even further into your data and filter results by specialty, type of list, day of the week and even individual theatres.

When trusts submit their data, the Model Health System team send out a detailed data quality report direct to the submitting trust, that looks at the structure of the submission and its content.  There are also some data quality metrics available on the Model Health System, that look at the completeness of data submissions – you can check your organisation’s score on the platform. Most organisations currently stand at 100% which is great news.

Watch this short Spotlight film to find out more about the Theatres area of the Model Health System.

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