Webinar Q&A 18 November 2021

When I logon I can still only see Model Hospital - how can I see the Model Health System view?
Using the drop-down in the top right of the screen, by your name and organisation name in the header. This short article goes into more detail.

When you open the interactive chart option does it default to trust (provider) level or system level?
It depends which view you have selected (provider or system). System charts will include other systems and provider charts will include other providers.

How is the WAU calculated?
All meta-data around the calculations are available on the metrics pages. There is also further detail on methodology on the support site. Here's a link to the WAU explanation on the knowledge base: https://feedback.model.nhs.uk/knowledgebase/articles/1143385-the-weighted-activity-unit-wau

Once registered - how can you access a different organisation?
Once registered, you can see all the date for your trust and other trusts within your Intergrated Care System as well as the system level data. If it's a trust outside our system you can't see their specific 'view', but you can see the data for all other providers (who have submitted data for a metric) in your own provider's view. You can also select your own peers to highlight particular trusts.

How do you collect your data?
Much of it is gleaned from secondary uses / administrative data collections. Some from NHS Digital etc. We do collect a some data directly from NHS trusts.

When looking at our peer comparison, if no peers are shown, does this mean there are no submissions from that organisation?
There are a range of selected peer organisations and you can also create your own peer groups. These should always be available in the 'scorecard' and metric pages. If one of your peer organisations is not visible then they may not have any data for that specific metric.

Will there be health outcome measures, rather than process measures on the Model Health System?
Yes, we are moving in this direction. Initial steps were to bring together and integrate the metrics across providers to a system level. We have started to add population health measures and much of the work previously from RightCare too. We definitely want more on outcome measures (where available too) but we will also still retain the process measures at system and provider level.

What are your plans to promote Model Health to emerging ICB teams and train them to understand opportunities to shape their strategic plans and priorities?
We are working with the NHS England and Improvement regions to engage with all ICSs and intend to carry out a programme engagement throughout the coming months. If you have any specific requests or would like to get involved/speak to us, please email us at help@model.nhs.uk

Can you filter metrics on the Model Health System by GIRFT specialties?
The new homepage provides a GIRFT filter at system level (within the Clinical view). We are exploring what might be possible on this at provider level too, but this is not currently available in provider view other than through the search function.

Are the GIRFT metrics duplicate of other/existing metrics?
The GIRFT implementation teams are now using Model Health System as a core part of their engagement and support with trusts and systems.

What are HVLC pathways?
High Volume Low Complexity (HVLC) programme as referenced in recent planning guidance and some of the elective recovery planning. Here's a good starting point: https://www.gettingitrightfirsttime.co.uk/hvlc/ - there is also meta-data about the metrics within the tool.

Does the addition of staff experience and wellbeing in the homepage mean you're now collecting metrics around this?
We've had some diversity and inclusion, WRES, FTSU and culture info there for some months. We’re working closely with colleagues in the People Directorate to populate this.

How can we see when measures have been updated without having to check each one individually?  And a change/update/activity log built into the MHS would be helpful.
We are working on an automatic notifications feature.

Will regional overview be available at any point?
We have few requests on this, we are looking into developing this in future.

Do you intend combining the SEDIT tool into the Model Health System?
SEDIT is the new benchmarking tool being used for emergency data. It’s a Tableau based tool for a specific purpose. We can integrate the tools where appropriate to make the user journey easier. Through the NHSE applications web page we are trying to improve these journeys in coming months.

Who do we contact if we have further queries?
Contact our helpdesk on help@model.nhs.uk



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