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Webinar Q&A People Plan session

Questions and answers from the webinar on 24 November 2021 - Using the Model Health System to help you deliver the People Plan

Recording of the session

I didn’t have the link of the staff survey this year is there any other way to have my say?  
Please contact your HR team.   

Can you compare trusts of different types on the same page - for example a mental health trust against an acute or an STP against an acute trust?  
Yes, this is possible, though requires setup by us to ensure that the metric is appropriate across the sector. If there are any metrics that you think this is applicable please contact us at  

How will this be used when the ICS's include partner organisations?  
The Model Health System depends on existing data sets, which need to be consistent across all organisations. Currently, there is more data for NHS Trusts (esp. acute trusts) and less for primary care and social care,  which we will look to develop that over time. The Model Health System allows  you to filter results by ICS. 

Can CCGs use the Model Health System? 
Yes, anyone in the NHS can register for a free account at - Your profile will be for your ICS, and you can also see the views for every provider in that ICS. 

It only has trusts on there, my CCG is not available  
System data is not broken down to CCG level but is available at ICS level. You can access this by selecting 'organisation' at the top right of the page and selecting your ICS. All users can access data for the ICS they are in, as well as all the providers in that ICS. ICS data is aggregated data for all the providers in that area.  

Have there been any improvements made to refresh the data as some of it is out of date for benchmarking purposes  
We update data as frequently as possible and are developing more frequent data sources, such as the Quarterly Pulse Survey. 

Can you download data as a CSV? 
You can export data from each of the charts in excel. To do this, select 'table view' and select the option to 'export. You can also export all data for a particular area by going to the compartment landing page and clicking 'download' in the top right of the page.  

The equality, diversity and inclusion data is showing incorrectly for my trust 
Contact us at  

Can you look at the data not just for organisations, ICS's but also NHS England directorates? 
Data can be interrogated at Trust and ICS level. NHSE and Regional data is available using the Medians within the tool. 

I can’t see the temporary staffing metrics 
Temporary staffing data is available by request - email us at  to ask for access. 

Can we have a healthcare scientist section? 
We are working through the Staffing groups. This is one that is in the pipeline. 

How 'up to date' is the data? 
It varies for each metric and is dependent on the data source. Go to ‘Understand the data’ on each metric page, to find out how frequently it is updated, and when the last update was.   

How do you find out who your ambassador is? 
Go to the bottom of the homepage on the Model Health System to the Help and Support section, it’s under the 'Contact your Model Ambassador' area. If this area is not there, then there is no Model ambassador for your trust currently. If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, contact:  

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