Webinar Q&A Specialised Services

Questions and answers from the Specialised Services (QSIS) webinar held on 18 January 2022

How is this data collected? 
For specialised services we use the data that is submitted by trusts and from some clinical audits and registries.

Does the Model Health system have Costing data?
Yes, Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS) data is available on the Model Health System.

What data period will be covered in the Model Health System and if recent is this likely to be skewed due to pandemic / backlog etc.
This varies and it's based on the data period submitted to the Model Health System by trusts.

I can’t see all the Specialised Services areas shown on the presentation. Some appear to be missing. 
Data for all specialised services will be added as it becomes available. Once the data has been submitted for the areas, these will become live and you’ll be able to see them.  

Can we view a summary of the whole dashboard rather than just one indicator?
Yes, at the sub-compartment level.

Can you export reports in Excel? 
Yes. In the interactive chart, select ‘Table view’. There’s a button to export the data.

Are non-specialised services included? E.g., breast cancer?
Yes. If you go into your ‘System view’  and click on ‘Browse’, you’ll see the Rightcare (Cancer) button in the ‘Policy Priorities’ area.

What are the system trusts? 
The system view groups together all the trusts in an Integrated Care System (ICS) so you can see the bigger picture. The individual trust view is blue and the system view is pink so you can instantly see where you are.

How do you decide which peer group your trust would be aligned too? Can you make your own peer group?
Your peers are automatically selected for you. If you click on the ‘Tools’ icon in the menu bar, you can select other peer groups or create your own.

My login isn't working. I have tried to re-set the password three times and I'm not receiving the re-set email. 
Please contact our helpdesk – help@model.nhs.uk

Are bespoke data packs available?
Please contact the helpdesk - qcrs@england.nhs.uk – to enquire further.

Will there be bespoke data packs to support other national programmes such as the Cardiac Pathway Improvement Programme (CPIP)?
We are already in discussion with the Cardiac Pathway Improvement Programme to develop these – timelines to be decided.  

Are Cancer Alliances able to have bespoke packs? Some Alliance geographical footprints don't match ICSs and some cancer services are in non-cancer POCs.
We have completed early discussions with the Cancer Alliance Data Evaluation and Analytical services (CADAS) to work through these issues.

When will all specialised services be added?  
This should be complete over the next three months. We are discussing with other mental health teams across NHS England and NHS Improvement to streamline the mental health data reported through Model Health System

Is there is any administrative support available to departments to help build these additional data sets? Not all data collection for all specialities across various trusts can be automated and are still quite manual. Is there a funding stream attached to this to help departments access administrative support? 
Currently our provider reported metrics are a component of NHS contracts with providers, however we are also looking to re-orientate our sources of data to clinical audits and registries. We are constantly looking how to reduce burden on providers while getting maximum clinical insight.

As a public health consultant in the regions working with specialist comms, could I receive the outlier reports directly?
If you can access the NHS England and NHS Improvement SharePoint site, we are developing outlier reports to be available via the Quality Collection and Reporting System (QCRS) home page https://nhsengland.sharepoint.com/sites/QCRS/. This facility is still in development but very happy to hear any feedback to support the development.  

When will the Procurement Data upload will be going live again?
This is likely to be resumed from April for the new financial year 22/23.

Would it be possible to set up group reporting for commissioned specialised services networks?
We will look to build this into our development plan if there is a need.

Community Health Services data is only up to Apr or Jun 2020. When will this be updated?
There are ongoing data sharing issues with NHS Digital which are being worked on. The team hope this will be resolved in the coming 4-6 weeks, however previous target dates have had to be delayed so we cannot give a firm date.

When will the vascular data be visible?  
If the data has been submitted, it should now be visible under the Internal Medicine Programme of Care.

Does the data relate to the commissioning policies audit criteria that underpin the service specifications?  
Not currently to the separate commissioning policies. .

Where is the data being sourced from? Is it from returns being submitted by acute trusts/other providers or are you using national dataset CDS submissions to report metrics?
The data is submitted from acute trusts/other providers directly onto the web-based portal the Quality Surveillance Information System (QSIS). In addition, we also upload data directly onto QSIS from external audit and registry sources.  

You mentioned wanting to add activity and finance in the future, how will this work with the already available NCDR system which we access please?
We are working closely with other information departments to have an integrated plan in publishing information on finance, activity and quality.

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