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Coffee with the team Q&A

Do any webinars walk through the model hospital data?
If you watch this film from 1:40 to 8:48 it gives an overview of the Model Health System.

Is there going to be the ability to look at imaging data by network?
We do have some pathology networks, so yes, it is possible. Please contact the and we can look into this for you.

How can we query the data if we think it’s incorrect?
Please contact the

I work for East of England Ambulance Trust which covers many Integrated Care Systems (ICS). We would like to use the Model Hospital to see how the acutes and CPFD are doing and how this interacts with our work. How can we pick a region?
Model Health System goes to the System view (pink), not specifically for Ambulance, but we have, for some of the metrics; particularly around the pathway improvement, built a standalone tableau dashboard which aggregates the data at regional level. We have a proof of concept version of the Model Hospital in regional view which we are assessing on at the moment.

People who live near county borders could live in one county and receive their healthcare in another. So having a person’s postcode may not determine where they are getting their healthcare.
We probably need to do some user research on if we need to tweak the product to fit people’s needs – do we go on resident postcode, or on where they were treated? Could we have a CCG population view and a provider view as well?

Can we have more time between being asked to submit and the deadline to submit, and more guidance on the changes? We were offered guidance, but this was a week before we were due to submit so the turnaround time was too tight
Can you contact and we can look into this.

I would like the ability to download data for multiple time periods.
We are looking into enabling more flexibility in the download feature, so will feed this in.

The Top 10 Medicines Savings has stopped since July.
The process for collecting this data is currently being redesigned, so the update will be coming soon.

Is there any update to Digital Maturity index info – the most recent appears to be 2017.
No, there aren’t any updated ones. The Data Maturity Quality Index also needs updating and has been delayed due to Covid. We do have a cyber security compartment which is really locked down for Chief Information Officers which you could apply for access to.

Recently there was a national survey around electronic patient records. Do you know the outcome?
There are some areas we do have data for. Eg the Patient Level Cost Data – we know all the organisations that are on there. If you send a link to the survey to the helpdesk – we can find out if the data is available. If we can get the data, we can publish it.

Model Health System is still very much based on 'Model Hospital'. Is there a plan to balance this to better include mental health, Community, Ambulance, Primary Care, etc. For example, where are the ambulance response times? Where’s the pressure on health visiting? Mental health beds? People need to access something simple to get the whole complete picture. If the information isn’t there, people won’t think about it.
We do have the Model Health System, Model Community, Model Ambulance. Some of the elements have come through such as community mental health. Ambulance hasn’t yet. We are looking at pathway-based metrics; can we join up all the parts of a pathway and show them within the product that we have?

On the log in page can you make it clear that the Model Health System is primarily focused on acute, and these things are coming. This would create interest for people to want to know more.
We were looking at personalising the home pages and making them more customisable for people.

Would it be an idea to commission some psychology-based user testing to find out how people are using the product, which will help you in developing it.
Pauline Smith - We have a team of people in the Leadership Academy who work at understanding the psychology of learning and could do some work around this too.

How do you ensure the trusts are linking in with their ambassadors and submitting their data in a uniform way to ensure it is accurate when comparing against others?
We do engage and encourage people to get the right data in, but we are reliant on the people collecting the data. We don’t have the resources to go into every organisation and audit their data. Sometimes when organisations realise they are an outlier because of incorrect data, this will nudge them to change their collection process.

Who are my trust’s Ambassadors?
Scroll down to the bottom of the page in the Model Hospital view (blue) and there is a button saying ‘Contact your Model Ambassador’. If your trust doesn’t have this button, there is no Ambassador in that role at present.

As the theatre measures are updated so regularly, I often miss a reported result. Whilst I know there is a download that can pick up historic data on the front sheet of all specialties, this is system only and does not include the trusts within the system. How do I get the historic results for systems on these measures?
Within the Model Hospital view (blue), not the Model Health System (pink). Select your metric, and change the chart to a line chart, rather than variation chart.

Most of the measurable metrics under my portfolio come from the staff survey automatically. Are there other mechanisms with the system that we could record other areas of our work, for example TINS, OD interventions?
Not at present, but we are looking to add functionality to comment on charts, such as SPCS.

For Kent and Medway, lots of our patients go into London for treatment, it would be good to be able to access data for whole patient pathway.
Pathway views are something we are currently looking into.

Can you download medicines secondary care spend as values on the system? I can only download as a graph/trendline chart at present, when selected as a table it only downloads one month but need the trend data over 3 years?
It’s not currently possible to download data for multiple time periods in MHS. We are considering how we might extend the MHS download capability as part of the product roadmap discussions. You can look at trends by changing the chart type to line chart in the interactive charts.

Is Model Hospital looking to include third party data? Would that include organisations that contribute to care like hospice/British Heart Foundation?
We are working on being able to show NHS-funded activity that is undertaken by independent sector providers. Activity that isn’t funded by the NHS is beyond the scope of this development.

I work on the National Diabetes Programme. How will you aggregate the diabetes inpatient data up to ICS level?
Not sure yet, probably through a pathway view

Do you have any data on New:FU ratios for Oncology & Haematology? I am trying to model increases in FU rates due to complexity of treatments.
We don’t, but we have the new and follow ups, so you could calculate this yourself.

Will data regarding community services be reviewed to ensure it is more relevant?
We can only present the data we have access to, which unfortunately is not much and often out of date.

Regarding the Staff Survey data uploaded for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, the only data being used is R1F (just our acute data). What are the plans going forward please as we are benchmarked in the Annual national survey as 4 Trusts, Acute, Ambulance, Community and Mental Health. R1F1, to R1F4. This may be something we need to discuss going forward as our NQPS data is uploaded as one Trust! Is it possible to meet to discuss at some point?
It should be in the induvial organisation pages, ie Model Ambulance

It would be great to be able to download timeline data for each metric. Also, it would be great to be able to do it not only for the selected ICS but also including data for all its peers.
It’s not possible to download data for multiple time periods in MHS at present. We are considering how we might extend the MHS download capability as part of the product roadmap discussions. Whatever the eventual solution, the data made available for download would have to align with the MHS information governance obligations and data access model.

For those in regional roles who would like oversight more than the organisation that they are based, can you access a range of (mental health and LDA) provider data?
All of the data and metrics we have are available either in the system view, or for individual organisations. If you sign up as an organisation, you can see all others in the STP footprint.

Is there any way we can get permission to share data in confidence with organisations we work with, such as NICE, either 'blanket' permission or on a per-project basis?
If you are willing to sponsor the sharing and sign it off, then we can give access. You just need to fill out a form stating who needs access and for how long. Please contact

Are there any plans to introduce a Diabetes set of data/area?
Yes, it’s in preview at the moment, due to go live shortly.

I have seen different interpretations eg of radiology staffing which showed significant variances which were not real. Sometimes need an explanation of what should be included/excluded.
We can provide guidance – please contact

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