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Webinar Q&A Specialised Services II

Where can I find out more about the data; where it comes from and how often it is updated?
At the bottom of each page there is a section that tells you where the data is from and when it will next be updated.

Do Community Trusts submit data, and how does this link with the Community Services Data Set?
Community providers are definitely included and there is lots of community specific content including from the community services data set (CSDS).

 Is Model Hospital different from Model Health System?           
They are both on the same platform and accessed from the same login here:
Model Hospital is the 'Acute Provider' view and Model Health System is the 'STP/ICS' view. There are also Model Mental Health, Model Community, Model Ambulance views to cater to all secondary providers. Different entities (eg Provider or STP/ICS) can be selected at the top right by clicking on the organisation name. Changing from provider to system view.

I'm trying to benchmark with our cancer peers and their data isn't shown for certain metrics.
(Here is the link If no data has been submitted by a provider, it won’t be available on the Model Health System.

You mentioned that you won't be collecting qualitive data, that we previously supplied through QSIS. When do you plan to restart the self-declaration collections?
The self-declaration collections are still under review. As soon as we have any further intelligence we will inform providers well before any new collection begins.

What is the process for future developments – e.g. if we had a suggestion for a different view, metric grouping or feature etc?
More information about the programmes of care who develop the metrics is here:                               
Please email us for to discuss further:     

Where can we find metrics such as total number of A&E attendances, breaches, performance, total inpatient admissions, outpatient attendances etc?
There are metrics that include all these areas. You can search for metrics with the search bar at the top of page or use the ‘Browse’ button to see all the compartments. You can drill down into each compartment and compare your organisation to your peers.

How can we change our peers?
More about managing your peers.

Will Model Health System include Integrated Care System (ICS) analysis? If yes, when?
Model Health System includes ICS metrics now, just not currently around Specialised Services, which are currently only available at provider level.

Is this data available for patients?
At present the data is available to anyone with an NHS email address and some arm’s length bodies. However, access is regularly reviewed.

Can you drill down to the hospital level or is it only at region level?
All Model Hospital content is provider level. There is also some System level content for other (not Specialised Services currently) areas. You can also compare yourself regionally with your peers.

Do all health systems have access to the Model Health System? It’s saying no information exists for ours.
If an organisation has submitted data, this should be showing. If you think the information displayed is incorrect, please contact our help desk and we can investigate –

Does the system include headlines on where a provider is an outlier?
There is an 'Opportunities for Improvement' area towards the top of the page which shows these. You will need to be in the Model hospital (blue banner view) to see this.

What is peer median and national median mean?
Median is a type of average (focusing on the 'middle' value versus the arithmetic mean average which is more commonly used (this is to reduce impact of outlier values). Peer median is the average over the selected peer group and National median would be the average over the national (England) cohort (of providers).

In QSIS it is possible to search by service to see which organisations provide that service - is this available in Model Health System (MHS)?
MHS will show you (for metrics, when a metric is selected) the comparator values of other providers who submitted data under those metrics. Beyond this, it won’t give a higher-level overview of who did what service.

How do you collect your data?
Much of it is gleaned from secondary uses/administrative data collections. Some from NHS Digital etc. We do collect some data directly from NHS trusts.   

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