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Webinar Q&A Specialised Services III

Where is the community data and where does it come from?
If you click on your organisation (top right of the screen) and select ‘Community’ from the drop down menu in ‘Organisation type’ you will be able to select your community provider. At the bottom of each metric page there is an ‘Understanding your data’ panel that tells you where the data is from and when the next refresh is due.

Where are the definitions of the metrics?
At the bottom of each metric page there is an ‘Understand the Data’ area containing information around where the data is from and when it will next be refreshed.. Definitions are also available on the NHS England website.
NHS commissioning » Specialised services quality dashboards (

Where can I find midwifery data? And where can I find specific metrics?
Registered nurses and Midwives data are separated in the workforce compartment. If you are looking for metrics, there is a search box at the top of every screen. Remember, when you have found what you are looking for, bookmark it so you can go instantly back to it.

There is no data in the area I am working with.
If the data has been submitted by your trust, it should be displaying. If you can’t see it and you think it should be there, please contact our helpdesk and we can take a look for you.

Is the system engaged with move to Unified Data Access Layer (UDAL)?
Yes, the team that runs Model Health System is a key part of the UDAL development work

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