Webinar Q&A Back to Basics

Questions and answers from the Back to Basics session held on 29 March 2022

1.      Who can we contact with any access issues?
2.      I should be able to see two systems but can only see one.
3.      My organisation or team would like a tailored session.
Please contact our helpdesk: help@model.nhs.uk

My screen has a blue banner – how do I change it to the pink one?
The blue banner is the provider view, and the pink banner is system view. Here’s how you can switch between them.

Is the knowledge base essentially a help function?
Yes, the knowledge base is a platform sitting alongside the Model Health System which contains more in depth help and guidance articles.

Who inputs the data onto the Model Health System?
Data comes from a number of sources and is updated at different times. We rely on trusts submitting accurate data. At the bottom of every metric page there’s a box that tells you where the data has come from, how the metric has been calculated and more information around when it will be updated.

What is a Weighted Activity Unit (WAU)
This article on the knowledge base explains more.

When will the Frailty compartment be live?
It went live on 30 March 2022

Are the data points predetermined through specific proformas? Or do they depend on what the trusts want to submit?
We use data from national collections, such as HES and SUS, but also our own data collections, such as theatres, which are collected via our own Data Collection Framework.

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