Webinar Q&A Theatres March 2022

Is the utilisation target based on in-session (capped) utilisation?

Uncapped. The current 85% target was set for the uncapped utilisation metric.  There is a workstream starting soon to evaluate the target for both capped & uncapped.

Can you define capped and uncapped?

Capped measures utilisation within the planned session start and finish time.

Uncapped Utilisation measures the total Touch Time (including any over runs/unplanned session extensions) that occurred during a theatre list/session, in relation to the planned duration of the list.

While Capped Utilisation, only measures the Touch Time that occurred within the planned duration.

Capped utilisation will automatically stop the touch time clock once the planned duration has been used up.

There is a local variation in what is used to start the touch time clock, the Model Health System uses a number of fields, based on a sliding scale of priority to start the touch time clock.

The dashboard with trust / theatre drill down disappears and reappears intermittently. is it coming back?

Yes, unfortunately we have experienced a few issues while updating the dashboard.  These have been resolved and the dashboard is available and stable.

Is there a way to get the week ending data as a series? So you can see each week rather than just the last one? Can we get timeseries data for these metrics?

Yes, most charts, when viewing the ‘interactive chart’ can be changed to a ‘trendline (time-series) or SPC (statistical process control) chart, using the ‘select chart type’ drop down box.

Does it assume all unused minutes can be used or take account of cancellations / turnaround time?

For both the additional cases and utilisation metrics, cancellations are treated as downtime, eg unused theatre capacity. Currently the additional cases metric is only based on an average touch time.

Great to see time bands added to late starts. Can you drill down by specialty and procedure to target improvement?

The time bands for late starts, early finishes and unplanned session extensions have been added to the specialty level breakdowns, they will also be added to the tableau theatres dashboard in due course. We are looking at ways to provider procedure level analysis. 

How far back does the data go? I'm looking to establish a baseline from before we started the HVLC programme.

Most trust’s data goes back to January or April 2019.

I can’t get into Sessions - it says sign in to Tableau Server – when I click on that it doesn't lead to anything.

 This might be a technical issue, please contact us and raise a ticket via  help@model.nhs.uk

How do we look at things from a regional lens before drilling down into systems and providers?

The Model Health System, currently does not provide a regional lens.

Can we see how many theatres each Trust has so we can create our own peer groups?

You can use the benchmarking chart for the ‘number of theatres’ metric to identify which trusts have a similar quantity and then create a ‘custom peer group’, by clicking Tools > Manage my peers > Create peer list.

Is there a definition for touch time utilisation? Is it needle-to-skin or when the patient enters the anaesthetic room?

Into anaesthetic room. At the bottom of each metric page you will find a box with the meta-data. Click on methodology for definitions. The team are working on an updated definition document currently.

If the number of theatres showing on model hospital is incorrect can this be changed?

Please contact us on england.theatreproductivity@nhs.net.  The metrics are calculated from the trust submitted data and there are opportunities to discuss the incongruence and resubmit data to correct any inconsistencies.

Is there a way to get OPCS definitions of HVLC procedures in usable format? This is currently only available in Word/PDF from website.

In the meta data of GIRFT compartments, there is an excel spreadsheet which gives the OPCS codes.

Please can we have the ability to download the numbers behind the graphs in the Tableau dashboard, so we can use it for our internal analysis/reports?

Currently we do not allow the data to be exported from the dashboard and this decision is under review.

Do you plan to do a similar return and develop similar metrics (eg utilisation) for outpatients?

Not at present, but we are doing something similar for diagnostics

Can we compare the utilisation for a service with other Trusts?

Yes, the core function of the Model Health System platform is to facilitate benchmarking.

How to do I add NHSI theatre Data Tableau analytics dashboards to my OKTA apps?

The theatre dashboard, should only be accessed through the Model Health System and may not be able to be added to your OKTA apps.

A lot of capacity is spent pulling the information into packs to take out to clinical teams - can delegates get together and develop a template pack which can be made available on the Model Health System? Not just for Theatres.

This could be a useful addition to Model Health System, could you please raise this through the MHS Help Desk help@model.nhs.uk

It would be good to have a % of sessions in total that finished early/finished late not just the number.

Agreed, this could be useful, we will add this to our development roadmap.

Are late starts still calculated as patient 1st clinical intervention was 1 minute after the planned start would be a late start? Only reason I ask is we say session is only late once it's 15 minutes past planned start time.

Late starts are defined as any session that starts after the planned start of the session.

Does it assume all unused minutes can be used or take account of cancellations / turnaround time?

For both the additional cases and utilisation metrics, cancellations are treated as downtime, eg unused theatre capacity. Currently the additional cases metric is only based on an average touch time.

Does the additional cases calculation assume 100% of planned time or 85%?

The Additional Cases metric assumes utilising 100% of planned time, via an average touch time.

It looks like you are using Tableau - are you planning to use their predictive features?

There are no immediate plans but it’s something that may be considered with future development of the dashboard.

It would be great to see a data model.

Thank you, we will investigate this.

Have you got a wide range of stakeholders to assist you in the national definitions work?

Yes, we have a range of trust-based analysts, operational managers, theatre staff and clinicians that help us in moving forward.

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