Coffee with team Q&A 28 April 2022

What is the difference between the Model Health System and the Model Hospital
The Model Hospital was the original name for the platform launched around five years ago and purely hospital based. Over the years it has grown and includes a wealth of information, redeveloped, and renamed to the Model Health System.  It is a platform to bring together a lot of the information in the NHS into one place. Here’s how you can switch between them

How can I see how other teams use the data to inform planning and strategy
Accessing the ‘View all opportunities for improvement’ page may be a starting point for a system or a provider in terms of planning and from there you can move on to looking at some of the more specific compartments eg, in Acute Hospital Services or Care Settings lenses.

My medicines data sometimes doesn’t add up
We are currently working with the meds team to completely redesign and update the process.

Where can I view HVLC metrics?
View High Volume, Low Complexity (HVLC) - Model Health System

How can I access the data collection framework?
We use the data collections framework to manage the process of submitting data to NHS England.  If you are nominated by your organisation to submit data you will receive an email from us with the details of how to access the portal.  When you need access but have not received an invitation email then either contact the NHS England central team responsible for the data collection, via their central inbox, or alternatively email the IPS Service Desk  Alternatively, some data collections are ‘requestable’ products on the ‘A-Z’ page of NHS England Applications.  Once access has been granted via any of the above routes, then your data collections will display on the ‘A-Z’ page.

What is a Weighted Activity Unit (WAU)
This article on the knowledge base explains more.

Are there plans to make the temporary staffing compartment more granular?
There are no plans to develop more granular information. We are currently re-reviewing the compartment with our Finance team before we bring this up to date.

Is there specific data around theatre workforce?
We used to have theatre staff metrics in the theatre's compartment, but they were of limited use due to the accuracy and frequency of ESR updates and were consequently dropped.

Is it possible to have peer groups per specialty? Or generate automatic reports?These may be things we can look into for the future and have fed back to our development team.

Is there a list of the ambassadors and their Trusts?
Not a definitive list but in your organisation view, scroll down and there will be a 'contact your ambassador' if your organisation has one.

When will the data will be available to be split by site within Trusts?
We should be seeing sites for testing in the next month, depending how successful that is it will be rolled out as soon as possible (for GIRFT and Clinical Audits initially)

The stats for Allied Health professionals are sometimes incorrect
This relies on how the data is captured. You could discuss this with your informatics team and link in with NHS Digital and national representative for AHPs.

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