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Webinar Q&A 7 June 2022

Does the Model Health System include best practice to compare or benchmark primary care data?
There are some gaps in primary care data due to availability.  We are looking at a pathway version of the Model Health System where we will link datasets together.

You can view that data at an overall organisation level and see where you are in terms of your utilisation, then drill down to individual specialties. You can see your top 10 closest organisations based on case-mix and demographics.  You can contact teams in other organisations and ask what they've done or contact your network ambassador.

Is there a way in which information can be shown in a different way or show data that is not currently on the Model health System?
If you have ideas or suggestions for different views of data, please contact our helpdesk who will forward this to the right team to look in to.

Do you have datasets around mental health?
We have data on mental health, community, crisis eating disorders, learning disabilities, rehab and recovery, personality disorders, forensic mental health, early intervention and sycosis and assertive outreach. Mental Health data is within the Specialised Services area.

We’ve done a lot of work around nurse productivity, nurse templates and surface staffing ratios.  Where can I find ‘care hours per patient day’ in the model health system? Also interested to understand kind of attrition levels, NHS leavers rates for different staff groups, healthcare support workers, ratios of nurses to patients as well for our ends and non-unregistered.
We’ve got carers patient data for healthcare support workers, registered nurses and total nursing, midwifery, and HP.   If you go to the People Compartment and then the Working Differently section. All the ward levels, CHPD data are there.

How often does the finance data get updated?
If it’s the costing data, (patient level information costs),  annually. We get it usually towards the end of the year and then by the time it flows through to us it usually updates around February/March time. We do have some of the smaller expenses that gets updated more regularly.

How is the Model Health System encouraging health and care staff to behave in ways which are more environmentally friendly?
Within the Estates and Facilities, you’ll find the Greener NHS area.  This includes data around energy consumption and use of anaesthetic gases, includingsevoflurane inhaled, anaesthetics used, and data around the different energies. We are working closely with the Greener NHS team to add more metrics as they become available.

How do you factor geography and build environment into the peer algorithms so I can share a paper on the peer algorithm?
We have lots of different factors. We have demographic, we use the IMD and we use the case mix of the patients. We also use some of the bits of a state such as how many sites they have.

Do you have a FAQs section?
If you go to the bottom of the model health system page, you'll see a ‘Support’ link that takes you to our Knowledge Base.We also have a Futures NHS Workspace. Here we have our most commonly asked questions, useful resources and our short how-to videos. You can also chat to your peers as they may well have the answer to your question.

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