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Webinar Q&A GIRFT session 5 September 2022

Model Health System and GIRFT masterclass
5 September 2022 webinar

Questions on data set

Is the Pathology GIRFT data also on the Model Health System (MHS)?

Not at the present time. There is currently no consistent national pathology test data available (the GIRFT national report for pathology was based on a very detailed questionnaire).

There are, however, high level metrics available related to non-clinical data, under the 'clinical support services' section, and there are some non-GIRFT metrics on the MHS that might be helpful.

GIRFT is currently working through specialties with HES data available.

Is there any data for support services including Nutrition & Dietetics?

GIRFT does not have any metrics for this within the MHS.

Is there a plan to put vascular on?

Vascular is on our GIRFT list and we hope to have some metrics on this next year. The National Consultants Information Programme (NCIP) is working on this specialty at the moment.

 Is theatre utilisation available at specialty level?

Yes, this is available for main surgical specialties - either via the theatre compartment or via the acute service specialty, which then contains a theatre sub compartment.

Can more info be provided on how to access the additional theatre reporting info mentioned?

You can access here:

It can be accessed via theatre compartment in MHS:

I have talked to some of your colleagues about neurosurgery productivity data which I understand is on the development pathway for adding to the MHS - do you have any indicative timescales for when this will be yet please?

We hope to have neurosurgery data on the MHS within the next 6 months.

I have been looking for data on the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA). Is that available?

View HQIP National Paediatric Diabetes Audit - Clinical Audits - Model Hospital Data is currently  available at provider level, for the providers that have submitted to the audit.

We are working with HQIP/audits to try and obtain additional data at system level.

With regards spinal services data, is the pain team data (i.e. injections) in with the spinal surgery team's data?

The full metadata document can be downloaded from the MHS, which will give full coding details. Pain service injections should be included - the aim was to pick up any patient that was receiving treatment, regardless of the delivery specialty.

Can we access data that is not yet on the MHS (if we have analyst resource to look at it), and if so, how do we do this?

GIRFT data available to view on the MHS goes through a rigorous quality check before publication. We would not want to share any data prior to publication on the MHS as required quality checks will not have been completed.

Does GIRFT analytics still use costing data? Has it been updated with the new PLICS National Cost Collection?

We used to include costing data in our provider level reports. We are moving key HES metrics to the MHS, where there is also cost information from PLICs that can be used in conjunction with the GIRFT metrics.

How do we get other core cancer activity (I know GIRFT in lung cancer) into GIRFT- what plans are there?

This depends upon individual specialties.

We are currently focusing on creating GIRFT HES content in the MHS which sometimes refers to cancer diagnosis e.g., hysterectomy metrics are split to identify cancer patients.

We hope to look at other data sources in the future, which could include other cancer datasets.

Does the MHS and GIRFT go as detailed as procedure performed in theatre, e.g. diathermy, ablation?

At the current time, GIRFT data is created from HES, which does not include details of where procedures were performed.

Quality of procedure coding in theatre data is not robust, and we have not used this to create procedure metrics. But we are working to improve the quality of theatre data, with a longer-term aim to be able to link to HES. This will add depth of coding to the theatre collection in terms of procedure and diagnosis.


How are the national benchmarks set?

Benchmarks are set in agreement with the clinical leads. We discuss all of the data with the clinical leads and they agree a suitable target that should be achievable by most organisation.

Only a selection of GIRFT metrics have a benchmark. Benchmarks are not set where the clinical lead doesn't believe these are achievable.

The GIRFT best practice library is a good source of supporting information and materials to help improve performance. Best Practice Library – Getting It Right First Time – GIRFT

Community data

Is there a timetable for when community service will be included?

We are working on what community data is available and whether GIRFT metrics can be developed to support community services. We will keep you updated.

How can I see community provider data?
This will depend on what type of provider you work within – if you are from an acute provider, you may not be able to see community provider data.


Can we select providers who are not in our ICB or region?

Yes, you change your 'peers' on model hospital against whom you are benchmarked or select any provider to view in the drop down - organisation view - top right in blue bar.

How do you view data by ODN area?

Select the compartment area you are interested in first and then select ODN from the organisation view.

SPC charts aren't available for all the GIRFT metrics. Is there a reason for this?

Many of our metrics are rolling metrics, which are not compatible with SPCs which should use discrete data periods. We are currently reviewing the metrics that SPCs are available for.


Is the CQC using the model health system data to inform their inspection reports and rating?

People working for the CQC are allowed access to the MHS. Our terms of use is very clear in that access to the information on the Portal is for enhancing NHS operational and system-level improvements in quality, efficiency, productivity and safety of patients' care, and should not be used for performance management.

Are there any pre-recorded training resources?

You can access our support videos and materials via the MHS platform. We also provide regular introductions to the MHS. These are advertised in our newsletter and through email. If you require any bespoke support for your trust the please do get in touch

 Is it possible to include the query syntax within the methodology section for metrics please?

We are happy to share SQL codes upon request:

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